Jonathan Abraham

A randomised control trial to explore the impact and efficacy of the Healum Collaborative Care planning Software and App on condition management for Type 2 Diabetic patients

A Talk by Jonathan Abraham (CEO and Co-founder, Healum Ltd)

About this Talk

Join our talk to learn more about the benefits of using Digital in Primary Care for Patient Management in Type 2 Diabetes. Healum's RCT was designed to evaluate whether a personalised experience, delivered through a mobile app and digital care planning software, can improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients living with Type 2 Diabetes through the digital delivery of plans of care and support, structured education, diet and lifestyle advice and local services. 

The ongoing 6 month trial compares baseline and 6 month data from a range of 150-200 patients with Type 2 Diabetes across 3 surgeries in the UK plus 10 surgeries in Eastern Cheshire (UK). People with T2DM with glycosylated haemoglobin(HbA1c) greater than 58mmol/mol (7.5%) were randomised to either the active intervention group (usual care + app) or control group (usual care). The active treatment group (app+usual care) and control (usual care) groups consisted of 115 and 83 participants respectively. The active treatment group received app access and a digital care plan, and the control group received standard care. HbA1c, BMI and quality of life will be determined quantitatively, as well as gathering qualitative data on patient activation and impact via interviews with staff and patients. 

Overall, the active treatment group experienced better health outcomes than the control group. Health outcomes also improved by a greater extent for the group of active treatment patients who engaged with the app more, as well as engaging more with the different functions within the app.

15 March 2023, 02:00 PM

02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

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Jonathan Abraham

Jonathan Abraham

CEO and Co-founder, Healum Ltd