Understanding the state of local government data

A talk by Gary Cregan, Martin Lawrence and Samantha Shaw
Devon County Council, Devon County Council and Devon County Council

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About this talk

This talk describes how Devon County Council's Smarter Devon programme is meeting the challenges of information compliance, data governance and stewardship.

There's no point having really great data if you can't find or manage it! As a local authority, we have an obligation to be transparent about what data we hold, where it is held, and who is responsible for it. This includes the source of the data, how data sets are built and aggregated, the quality, and any transformations along the data journey. This helps to ensure that accurate, complete, and trustworthy data is being used to drive business decisions.

Our chosen approach to the challenges is to develop a technology solution to hold our information asset register and to provide granular information about those assets by mapping data lineage at ground level, using Solidatus. The two approaches will be brought together using Power BI for dynamic interrogation of data stewardship (in partnership with Peak Indicators).

This is a new way of working with data and we are managing challenges around resource, culture and technology, but the project is taking us on a journey of data discovery and contributing to better ways of working.

Smarter Devon has been shortlisted for a business transformation Digital Leaders award in 2021.