Leila Dewhurst Gemma Bates

Supporting Users with Best Practice Accessible Content

A Talk by Gemma Bates and Leila Dewhurst

About this Talk

Join Invuse’s accessibility activists Leila Dewhurst and Gemma Bates as they explore how and why accessible content matters to all your users. They’ll uncover some of the common content accessibility mistakes and share their advice and best practice tips, which will transform your user experience. Session takeaways:

1. Start to identify your users accessibility needs

2. Learn to spot the most common content accessibility mistakes

3. Transform your content with our content accessibility checklist

About The Speakers

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Gemma Bates

Gemma Bates

Business Analyst, Invuse

Leila Dewhurst

Leila Dewhurst

Customer Success Director, Invuse

Topics Covered

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User Experience