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Platform - Prepping for the future

A Talk by Lisa Trickey and Gavin Beckett

About this Talk

How do we make sure Local Government can take advantage of emerging technology whilst making sure services are sustainable and resilient. Conscious uncoupling is not just for celebs, we are applying it to our technical architecture to position us to respond quicker and easier to the constant change we face, whilst making sure services are simple, easy and accessible to use.

How do you start to shift from your technical legacy in a cost effective way?

How can you do that whilst maintaining existing software applications?

How do we make sure what we do is benefiting people who use our services? 

How do we invest in the long term in a climate of quick wins and instant results?

We will discuss this and more, check out this session if you want to hear more about the work taking place in Dorset and a number of other councils who are innovating in this space.

Speakers include:

Glen Conroy - ICT Operations Manager Dorset Council

Lisa Trickey - Head of Digital & Design Dorset Council

Gavin Beckett - Chief Product Officer Placecube

16 March 2023, 03:30 PM

03:30 PM - 04:00 PM

About The Speakers

Lisa Trickey

Lisa Trickey

Head of Digital Strategy & Design, Dorset Council

Gavin Beckett

Gavin Beckett

Chief Product Officer, Placecube