David Mann

How do we avoid a return to classic big IT programme thinking and the value of multidisciplinary teams

A Talk by David Mann (CEO, dxw)

About this Talk

One of the reasons the UK became a world leader in digital government services was the work of multidisciplinary teams across government. It’s been proved time and again that multidisciplinary teams build better products and services.

Yet, despite being part of the Government Service Standard, there are worrying signs the government and the wider public sector are reverting back to more traditional approaches with pipelines of single discipline teams working largely in isolation of each other.

Contracts are getting bigger and rather than asking for a team to deliver and take responsibility for an outcome, we are seeing more and more contracts that ask for numbers of individuals from specific disciplines at often very short notice. A thing gets deployed but the focus on user needs is lost along the way. Multiply this across a programme with hundreds of people working in this way and you have all the ingredients of a classic “IT disaster”.

In this 30minute live talk, Dave Mann, CEO of respected independent digital agency dxw, will look at:

- the value of multidisciplinary teams

- how departments might need to look again at their procurement processes to ensure they have the right people to get the job done

- why leaders need to think wider than single disciplines.

This talk will be of particular interest to service and product owners who are building and developing public services, and to senior leaders who need to know they are asking for the right thing when going out to procurement.

16 March 2023, 12:30 PM

12:30 PM - 01:00 PM

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David Mann

David Mann

CEO, dxw