Abigail Noonan

How Digital Poverty Interlinks with Food and Fuel Poverty

A Talk by Abigail Noonan (Digital & Marketing Manager, Lifeshare)

About this Talk

This talk explores how the traditional "Food and Fuel Poverty" has been impacted by 21st Century Data use. As a homelessness charity we have always supported those who have been burdened by food and fuel poverty but as the world switches to digital mediums there is a new piece to the pie. Data Poverty has a huge impact on access to services, mental health, and community engagement. With limited funds people now have to split their income to another area and make hard choices during a cost of living crisis. This talk will explore the intersections of these needs and the impact it can have on our communities.

15 March 2023, 03:00 PM

03:00 PM - 03:25 PM

About The Speakers

Abigail Noonan

Abigail Noonan

Digital & Marketing Manager, Lifeshare

Abigail Noonan is the Digital & Marketing Manager for Lifeshare, the oldest homelessness charity in Manchester. Lifeshare founded the Manchester Digital Collective which brought together 22 organisations to fight data poverty and promote digital inclusion.