Will Lowe

Using advanced analytics to create valuable outcomes

A Talk by Will Lowe (Chief Data Officer, Transform UK)

About this Talk

This talk brings together industry experts and department leads to talk candidly about how to create value from data and analytics.

Will Lowe, Chief Data Officer at Transform, is in conversation with Daniel Woolf, Head of Business Intelligence and Systems Development at Health Education England, Michael Baines, Head of Analysis at Transform, and Patrick Greenway, Senior Data Analyst at Transform, around how to develop analytics ready platforms and use machine learning to predict outcomes which deliver value.

Key takeaways of the session will be:

- The importance of creating the analytics database and HEE’s approach to this

- Defining the key business questions to be answered such as “Who won’t complete their doctor training?”

- How predictive modelling using ML is different to insight analytics

- Key learnings from building the models for HEE and NCS

- Democratising the models - open source code within HEE allows different regions and trusts to benefit, cooperative model

- The great results in terms of efficiency and effectiveness

14 March 2023, 11:00 AM

11:00 AM - 11:53 AM

About The Speakers

Will Lowe

Will Lowe

Chief Data Officer, Transform UK