Andrew Grimes

45 ways to get into the 'discovery' groove

A Talk by Andrew Grimes (Experience Design Director, Mace & Menter)

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Getting into the discovery mindset is essential for unlocking opportunity. Address this and teams can gel and deliver. Innovation happens. Discoveries are made. Through our practice at Mace & Menter, we've developed a tool to help this happen more reliably: a set of 45 cards.

They give you a simple and surprisingly effective way to issue an invitation to those around you. You'll help yourself and others to find the courage to see things anew, to think differently, to adopt a different mindset (or two).

The ways we think are deeply personal. They're wrapped up in our beliefs. They determine our outlook, our prospects and even our health. It can feel impossibly intimate to talk about these things, and yet we neglect this aspect of collaborative work at our peril.

If we aren't asking ourselves "Are we ready to discover?" - how can we be sure that we will? If we don't create the right conditions for 'discovery', why be surprised when it doesn't happen? Throughout our presentation, we will share examples of where a shift in thinking styles has enabled great outcomes for our clients. You'll leave with a quick and easy way to approach the topic of 'mindsets' with your colleagues; a first step towards unlocking similar outcomes in your own work.

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Mindset discovery cards


17 March 2023, 11:00 AM

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

About The Speakers

Andrew Grimes

Andrew Grimes

Experience Design Director, Mace & Menter