Maarit Kahila

CEO & Co-founder, Maptionnaire Maarit Kahila has decades of expertise in citizen engagement as an academic and practitioner. She holds a PhD in urban planning from Aalto university and is CEO and co-founder of Maptionnaire, a citizen engagement platform enabling cities, local governments, and consultancies to easily collect local insights and make GIS-backed decisions.

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Maarit Kahila is the CEO and co-founder of Mapita, the company behind Maptionnaire. Maarit has a background in planning geography from the University of Helsinki and urban planning from Aalto University, Finland. Her research focused on new methods for enabling and encouraging wider public participation. In her dissertation, she studied the opportunities for urban planners to take advantage of map-based PPGIS tools like Maptionnaire to get ideas and insights from residents. She continues to work in the domain of community engagement tools for urban planners and city developers.

Maptionnaire is a hassle-free citizen engagement platform. It enables cities, consultancies, and research organizations to easily collect local insights and make GIS-backed decisions. Since 2011, Maptionnaire‚Äôs customers have gathered more than 25 million responses that influenced 13,000+ planning projects across 40 countries. 

At Maptionnaire‚Äôs core are map-based tools for designing questionnaires, collecting information, and analyzing data. Maptionnaire also helps planners and local governments to collaborate, report, and communicate about citizen engagement and participatory budgeting projects with citizens and stakeholders, as well as internally within the organization. 

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Scaling Up Inclusivity with Digital Citizen Engagement

14 March 2023, 10:00 AM
Hannu Stewart Maarit Kahila