Jonathan Ley

Founder, Make Time Count

About this speaker

My name is Jonathan Ley and I am the founder of Make Time Count. After a 15 year career with Accenture and Deutsche Bank, I was asked to help improve operations at the London Probation Service. I took on the challenge as my first exposure to Criminal Justice or the government sector. I never expected the impact this experience would have on me. Shock is the best word to describe my initial reaction. Shock at the way people are treated. Shock at the processes, perhaps not designed to make people fail, but certainly not designed to make it easy for them to succeed. Shock at the dearth of technology. No wonder over 60% people reoffend. There must be a better way. So I talked to probation officers and people on probation. “How can I help?”was my simple question. I learned so much from these conversations. Those I met were really no different to me. I just got lucky, I was adopted at three. Had that not happened, chances are, I would have ended up on probation. I identified with their stories. Recognised so much wasted potential. That gave me the big idea. There was a better way. They say “it takes a village to raise a child”. What if it takes a “community to support a survivor or rehabilitate an offender”. Let’s use technology to connect people, supported by data science to understand what works and we can have an enormous impact on reoffending. The “Amazon for Help” was born.


Reducing crime through community diversion

14 March 2023, 12:00 PM
Jonathan Ley